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Epx body leads

Right now the economy is lethargic and everyone is hoping to lose those extra inches for your summertime. EPX Person is as an overnight success in the internet affiliate marketing industry because of two ingredients advertised on the Dr Oz Show - African mango diet extract and Raspberry Ketones.

The clinical science supporting these factors is documented and so the real question is if the mlm model is a lot more appealing than buying the products at Amazon or your local health store?

Who's EPX Body? EPX Body was launched by way of a successful company owner, Dan Putnam. Dan has numerous companies currently enjoying success using the direct to consumer business structure. His goal was to unleash EPX Body products below retail prices and through 90-day challenges enabling anyone chance to get money per pound of fat lost and paid for referrals via a lucrative referral system.

How It Works - Just like any affiliate business available on the market you get taken care of suggesting the EPX Body products coming in at $39.95 plus shipping. Fundamental essentials major solutions launched April 2012…

EPX Body Burn - a supplements that may increase weight reduction, curbs desires for food, enhances energy levels, minimizes belly fat and improves overall health.

EPX Body Cardio - Designed to protect against heart problems and increase cardio health. It's produced with L-arginine and supplies one's body with vital aminos to produce cellular production.

EPX Body Restore - Adaptogens are special herbs offering unique attributes to increase mental and physical potential, enhance potential to deal with sickness, lessen fatigue while increasing lifespan.

What's Reasonable? Similar to any business opportunity or weight-loss program, your willpower and drive decides your accomplishment or failure. The remarkable component within the EPX Body opportunity is Look at bonus is provided at No-Extra-Cost (No Join Fees) and the clinical goods are priced less than market retail prices.The EPX Opportunity

How will I take advantage of joining EPX body??

Purchasing useful and beneficial products in EPXBody at the low monthly fee of just $39.95 shipping provides "value for money", you'll also find accessibility to the following benefits..

1 Use of an excellent, long-term, business, with an opportunity to earn an ever-increasing monthly re-occurring income backed by a very experienced, professional and credible company owner.

2 Access to unique, uniquely formulated products - EPXBody Burn / EPXBody Cardio / EPXBody Detox / EPXBody Enhance, or EPXBody Restore with a low bill every month

3 Access to a simple, lucrative comp plan, based on a hybrid 4x5 forced matrix, which has been designed to ensure faster duplication, and lower attrition

4 Use of a "fear of loss" marketing system, including lead capture pages auto-responder emails contact management system

5 Be involved in EPXBody 90 Day Challenge (optional), and get paid to lose weight

6 Fast Start Bonus! Earn a 50% cash bonus every time you register someone with a minimum $40 minimum product purchase.

7 Customer Bonus! Earn a 50% cash bonus every time you join someone using a minimum $40 product purchase. On customers you cash in on this on every order.

8 Guaranteed Minimum Check! Get your product free by enrolling as little as four people with merely a $40 purchase.

9 Guaranteed Income!

10 Monthly Commission! Earn commission on all purchases made in your entire group if they are manufactured by someone you personally registered or by anybody else inside your matrix.

11 Matching Bonus! Earn a 25% check match on everyone you personally Sponsor and produce a 12% check match on 4 generations of Executives.

Epx body leads

12 Rank Advancement Bonus!